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Toronto, ON, Canada

About Char!

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About Char!

A Canadian graffiti and street artist who has been creating and deploying pieces for over a decade. Having honed her style in Windsor ON, she has relocated to Toronto after invitations to create public art pieces across the US, Australia, and recently Hamburg and Berlin.

Her aesthetic remains primarily grounded in bombs and hand styles. Complex installations also feature a cast of strong, empowered, sex-positive female characters. These figures are a trademark of her aesthetic and approach.

The characters are an expression of a feminist stance and call for female visibility within what is still a significantly male-dominated graffiti art culture. Her goal is to support and nurture the growing diversity of voices within the graffiti and street art form.

She has been a member of several internationally recognized crews, but is currently working solo to further develop her personal voice and approach. When making art she can usually be seen with her rescue dog in tow